Kiln Formed Glass Art by Connie Gates--Handmade in the Pacific Northwest

Glass Pattern Bars

Lately, I’ve been busy keeping up with my farm–you know what I mean……….chickens, veggie garden, canning, tending to the vineyard, etc., etc.  I am also in the middle of a huge addition to my home, which has taken quite a bit of my time.  I haven’t spent as much time in my glass studio as I would like, but now that the garden has come to a halt and things are slowing down on the addition, I have gotten back to glass business.

There are some real great websites such as the Bullseye glass site that offer some pretty informative tutorials for a small subscription fee.  Very worthwhile, even if you aren’t using Bullseye glass; just adjust your kiln firing schedule accordingly.  I completed the tutorial on strip bar patterns and have made two pieces that were a lot of fun to do.  Even though I have no scale to weigh the glass, I made a pretty good best guess at the weight needed for the design piece of a nice fused glass platter, and am happy with the outcome.

Another newsflash—–I have set up a store website with the community, to try my hand at internet sales.  There is not much inventory listed yet, but it’s coming slowly.  I have learned that it takes a fair amount of time to list an item, so be patient and please keep checking my site periodically to see what’s new!  Search the Art Fire site for and if you see something you like……spread the word, or better yet, make a purchase!

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