Kiln Formed Glass Art by Connie Gates--Handmade in the Pacific Northwest


When I started this glass art blog, I was determined to “keep up with it”, but alas, I haven’t. It takes a lot of wind and energy to keep up with life at my age! No excuses, other than “been busy”. Aside from that, here is my story. A while back, I was invited to a girly shindig in Gig Harbor and knew I would be scrutinized from head to toe, coming from my little po-dunk town of wheat and cattle, so I decided to design myself a new pair of earrings to wear. Being in my usual hurry, I forgot and left them home. As the social got on, someone asked me about my business and suggested that I should wear my art and show it off. Good advice. I have since made MANY pieces and have been somewhat successful selling them at The Sugar House Salon (Salon Adonia), in Utah, but not so successful on my internet site Nonetheless, I enjoy the detail of designing, hand cutting the glass, grinding, firing, and assembling each piece.

I confess that in my earlier career as a photographer, camera dealer, traveler extraordinaire, blah blah, everything I worked with or owned is now old technology (tho, state of the art at the time). Digital anything was just being developed and arriving on the scene, when I decided to take an abrupt exit from that scene for reasons that are not worthy of discussion here. Now, I own a digital camera that is apparently much more intelligent than I will ever be. It can outsmart, out think, and out perform me in every instance (the old gray mare, really ain’t what she used to be)! And, to make matters worse, I no longer own those wonderful studio lights, and other magic things that made nice photography, in the past. I am trying real hard to take shots that showcase my “stuff”, but my beautiful glittery glass jewelry refuses to be photographed in a pleasing way. Check out a few samples of my glass art jewelry on the gallery page and if you like something there, please visit to make a purchase, or find other handmade items of interest.

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