Kiln Formed Glass Art by Connie Gates--Handmade in the Pacific Northwest

Scraps and Stains

My studio is filled with bins and tubs of scraps, so I am determined to use them in creative ways.  I have always loved the eclectic blend and hues of various wood used throughout my home so, I  have decided to follow suit with glass. This piece utilizes many many pieces of scrap and end… Continue Reading


When I started this glass art blog, I was determined to “keep up with it”, but alas, I haven’t. It takes a lot of wind and energy to keep up with life at my age! No excuses, other than “been busy”. Aside from that, here is my story. A while back, I was invited to… Continue Reading

Glass Pattern Bars

Lately, I’ve been busy keeping up with my farm–you know what I mean……….chickens, veggie garden, canning, tending to the vineyard, etc., etc.  I am also in the middle of a huge addition to my home, which has taken quite a bit of my time.  I haven’t spent as much time in my glass studio as… Continue Reading

Edge Construction

Lately, I’ve been intrigued with a process called edge construction.  This is where glass pieces are cut into 3/8 ” strips and then placed on edge for design, rather than using flat pieces.  The final piece is then dammed and held in place with kiln furniture to keep the shape from deforming. I found this… Continue Reading